Google Shopping Campaigns Rolling Out Imminently

What is Google Shopping?

Google shopping is a fantastic way of selling your products. By adding your store items to Googles Merchant centre they can appear highly in the search engine results. Take a look at the example search below for paving. As you can see directly below the PPC (pay per click) listings are 5 products that are listed with an image and short description, by click on one of the results you are taken to that product page.  Or you can click on Shop for paving stones on Google and you will go to Googles shopping results which will show you all products that are relevant to your search. As you can see these results are right at the top of the listings making them highly likely that someone will click on a product if they like it.

Google Shopping

How to get on Google shopping?

Google shopping used to be a free service by Google and was simply done by uploading a product feed into the Google merchant centre, however this has now changed and is a paid for service that is done on a PPC (pay per click basis) in Google adwords. Colossal Search can manage your Google shopping campaigns as part of PPC management. In order to make the products appear for relevant searches an optimised product feed needs to be uploaded into Googles Merchant centre. A feed should have the following basic items:

  • ID – a number to identify the item
  • title
  • description
  • google product category – there are a lot of categories (link opens a spreadsheet with categories) and you should make sure you product is in the correct category
  • product type – you can put your own category in here which needs to be very specific
  • link – link to the product page on your website
  • image link – URL of an image of the item
  • additional image link – URL of additional images of the items
  • condition – is the item new, used, or reconditioned?

More advanced options need to be added to the feed to get the most out of it, however the basic feed will get you some visibility in Googles shopping

What are Google Shopping Campaigns?

Google shopping campaigns are a long awaited for feature that is going to be rolling out in the UK very shortly. Google Shopping campaigns allow you to browse your product inventory directly in Google Adwords. This gives PPC marketers a lot more data that can be segmented and filtered so see exactly which products are selling from Googles merchant fees and which arent to allow optimisation and scaling of categories that are performing well.

This is especially brilliant for seasonal products. Google shopping campaigns give PPC managers the ability to increase the visibility of products that are about to go into season and reduce the visibility of products that are moving out. This gives so much more flexibility that will allow adwords experts to really optimise Google shopping results. We cant wait to use this!

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