How to find out what keywords broad match is triggering

Why do we use broad match keywords?

When I’m creating a campaign its important to have 2 different versions of the same campaign:

* exact match campaign

* Broad match campaign

Exact match campaign

The exact match campaign has every keyword within it have its match type set to exact match. This means the advert will only show up when someone types in that keyword exactly. However people can use very obscure keyword phrases to find the same product or service. So you need a broad match campaign to effectively mop up all the variations of keywords that you are using. To finish off this setup all of the exact match campaign keywords need to be added to the broad match campaign as an exact match negative. This ensures that the broad match campaign is only used to mop up various keyword phrases. Setting up campaigns like this enables you to really control your budgets and makes sure the right adverts always show up.

So you have all of your best performing keywords in separate exact match only campaigns so you can better control your budget and make the most from your top performing keywords but how do you effectively mine your broad match keyword data to find out which keywords have been triggered ? 

Search query reports

Search query reports are a fantastic way to optimise your campaign and should be done on a daily basis. To find out what search variations your broadmatch keyword has made go into an adgroup and click on the box to highlight the keyword as shown below. Then click on the details button and click selected under the search terms header.

adwords screen shot


You need to have at least the past 7 days selected as your date range to get useful data. From this screen its easy to see what keywords have been triggered and if they are good relevant long tail keywords then i recommend adding the keyword to your exact match campaign and adding the keyword to your broad match campaign as a negative match keyword.

Wash, rinse and repeat this process on a daily basis to continually optimise your PPC campaign


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