Where to Start Marketing Your Business Online

There’s so many places online where you can market your business such as:

  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Google PPC (pay per click)internet-marketing
  • Display – banner adverts
  • Bing PPC
  • Yahoo PPC
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Linkedin
  • Many more

With so many places to promote your business, where do you start?


Business aims & objectives

The first thing to consider is your objectives as a business and what you want to get out of your marketing. Most people want to generate sales or a conversion as some sort rather than branding your business as many businesses need a definitive return on their investment.

Where are your customers online?

This can take a lot of research to find out where your customers are online. PPC is applicable for 90% of circumstances as everyone uses a search engine to find out information or to buy a product or service. PPC is the place that most businesses will start when marketing their business. See you PPC page on the benefits of using PPC as a marketing tool.

If you’re a local trades person then yelp is an excellent place to advertise. Yelp now offers advertising on a pay per click basis and as its relatively new clicks are cheap. Yelp still retains its reputation from the yellow pages that get pushed through the door as because of this a lot of people will turn to Yelp to find a local builder, plumber, cleaner etc. Besides Google PPC, Yelp is a great place to advertise to generate local leads.

Linkedin is a great place to advertise to working professionals. You can get very specific with targeting, however Linkedin can be very expensive when running adverts. Especially if you’re trying to reach decision makers in a business as a lot of people want to reach there people which pushes up the prices of clicks.

Facebook targeting is very good and you can be very specific about the people that you’re targeting when setting up adverts. Facebook traffic can be driven to your website or your Facebook page at a very cheap rate. You can easily and cheaply build an audience for your page which makes it easier to push out your content to lots of people. One of the disadvantages of advertising on Facebook is that people are usually in a specific mindset of catching up with friends, looking at picture and sharing content. This can make it difficult to get cut through if you’re selling something. For this reason Google PPC is usually a better place to start than Facebook.

If any of the options above look of interest and you want a professional company with lots of experience of setting up and managing successful campaign then please get in touch with us.