Stop your site & accounts from being hacked – awareness campaign

Some of you may have seen in among the brilliant ALS ice bucket challenge and awareness campaign that there’s been another awareness campaign happening with the aim of raising awareness of hacking and offer help to stop your site from being hacked. If you want to see all of the tips shares then look on Twitter for the hashtag #NoHacked.

Below are some of the top tips that have been shared to stop your site from being hacked:

* Check Googles webmaster tools on a regular basis, its easy to verify you own the site and once you have Google provide some very helpful data about your site

* Make sure your software is up to date – so if you use WordPress for example make sure that you have the latest version installed, the same goes for plugins

* Dont use pirated software downloaded from torrent sites etc, some of this pirated software is loaded with viruses

* Use different passwords for each account, so if you are hacked in one account then you’re making it harder for them to get into your other accounts

* If you have a Google account then add 2 step verification – I can personally vouch for this as its saved me from being hacked in the past

Have you got a tip share it on here and on social media